I highly recommend Jose and May. Over the last 6 or 7 years, I have taken part in classes at different levels starting with beginners and am currently having private lessons. Jose and May are gifted dancers and patient and professional teachers with a passion for what they do. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced dancer they will support and assist you in your tango aspirations!

Leah I.

Learning the Tango when you’re a middle-aged Australian male from a nondance background can be a fairly anxiety-inducing experience. The music is complex and unfamiliar, the movements are subtle and challenging, and progress is inevitably slow. But the rewards are immense and persistence pays off. I’ve learnt to embrace and move with my partner in wonderful synchronicity, not always, but sometimes. The dance is so absorbing, time passes and the worries of the world just disappear. May and Jose have guided my little baby steps to the point where I can now go to a Milonga without breaking into a cold sweat. I have an awfully long way to go, but the journey so far has been fun and enlightening, to say the least. So lucky to have these guys in Brisbane.

Andrew H.

Brisbane is so lucky to have world class tango professionals May and Jose as our resident maestros. Their great love for and deep understanding of this beautiful dance style attracted to me their classes, but it is the joy they bring to each and every lesson that keeps me coming back. Learning tango with May and Jose is a highlight of my week. We dance, we laugh and week by week, I feel myself improving as a dancer. Their classes are always fun and absorbing, and as technically challenging as one desires or needs. I started out with a severe case of ‘tangziety’ (the fear of putting a foot wrong on the tango dance floor!) but now, thanks to their expert tuition and encouragement, I am venturing out to milongas and adding tango to my social dance repertoire – es fantastico!

Chris B.

Dear Jose and May, thank you for this opportunity to let everyone know what wonderful teachers you are and how much I appreciate your classes. I have tried to learn tango several times and never been successful in achieving more than a basic understanding of this beautiful dance style. Thanks to Jose and May, I am finally getting it! Jose and May are very attentive teachers who really know what they are talking about. They give detailed intuition that includes instruction in technique, musicality, floor craft, and the cultural aspects of Argentinian Tango. They also focus on having fun, we laugh a lot in our classes. I highly recommend Jose and May, they are warm caring people, lovely dancers, and experienced teachers. What more could we ask for? Nothing! Thank you, Jose and May.

Amanda K.